Sixty Foot Falls: What You Need To Know

sixty foot falls - ellis brook reserve
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Sixty Foot Falls: What You Need To Know

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Get your hiking boots on.
sixty foot falls - ellis brook reserve

Take a hike and enjoy the views at Sixty Foot Falls

If you’ve seen photos of the falls on your Insta at any point you’ve probably made a mental note to go check it out, so here’s your sign to do just that.

Sixty Foot Falls is one of the most spectacular walking trails in Perth, with a steep climb to the top that’s well worth it for the unbeatable city and valley views. It’s always been hailed a hidden gem of the area (although not so hidden now) and is the perfect spot for a family day out or head-clearing hike among nature.

How do I get to Sixty Foot Falls?

You’ll find Sixty Foot Falls at Ellis Brook Reserve, about half an hour southeast of Perth in the foothills of the Darling Range.

To get there, take the Gosnells Rd East turnoff from Tonkin Highway and follow the signage to Rushton Road where you’ll find two car parks- the second is where you want to pull up to head for the falls.

Sixty Foot Falls: What You Need To Know

Get directions:

Hiking at Sixty Foot Falls

The big drawcard of a visit to Sixty Foot Falls is because it’s one of the best hikes in Perth.

It’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels at around 5.2km, but just make sure you’re prepared for a bit of a steep climb and as always watch the rocky terrain. We’d recommend taking the anti-clockwise route, which puts you at the falls first followed by a walk back past the Old Barrington Quarry.

Once you get to the lookout you’ll be able to get a good look at the falls which may be flowing depending on the time of your visit, and continuing up to the granite shelf will see you rewarded with stunning views over Perth and the valley. After you’ve soaked it all in head back down toward the quarry surrounded by sheer granite cliffs and boasting a man-made lake in a setting that seems like you’re standing right in a remote part of WA.

Sixty Foot Falls: What You Need To Know

There are four trails available to explore at Ellis Brook Valley, all relatively easy and perfect for those wanting to dabble in some hiking or get the kids out with them. Once you’re done on the Sixty Foot Falls go and discover the Easy Walk Trail (suitable for wheelchairs), the Eagle View Trail, and the Blue Wren Ramble Trail.

When is the best time to visit Sixty Foot Falls?

The best time to catch the falls in all their glory is towards the end of winter and the start of spring when there’s been enough rainfall to really get them going. If you do visit in Spring to catch the last of the water you’ll also get to see a colourful display of wildflowers.

Sixty Foot Falls: What You Need To Know

What facilities are there?

  • Public toilets
  • BBQ facilities
  • Picnic area
  • Seats and tables

Are dogs allowed at Sixty Foot Falls?

Yes! This place is dog friendly so bring them along to stretch their legs.

Tips for visiting

Make sure you’re stocked up on water because you won’t find any fountains in the park and allow plenty of time to take in all the views. If you’re planning to visit in spring keep your eyes peeled for over 550 species of wildflowers and, as always, make sure you clean up after yourself and don’t leave any trash behind- we always want to leave every environment just as beautiful as we found it.

Feature Image: @wandererinawe

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