New Campground Opens At Collie’s Lake Kepwari

Lake Kepwari
A new campground and picnic area have opened at Collie's Lake Kepwari.

New Campground Opens At Collie’s Lake Kepwari

A new campground and picnic area have opened at Collie's Lake Kepwari.
Lake Kepwari
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Collie’s Lake Kepwari has undergone a $5.8 million transformation with a new campground and picnic area officially opened.

Entirely man-made, Lake Kepwari is a former coal mine that’s been filled with water from the Collie River. There’s a designated ski area with a boat ramp, as well as parking for boat trailers. Water skiing is permitted alongside kayaking, canoeing, and fishing (only during the fishing season).

The lake is located in the southwest region of Western Australia, around 10 kilometres southeast of Collie, or two-and-a-half hours from Perth.

New Campground

Lake Kepwari Campground
Mick Murray Campground / DBCA

Named after local traditional owner, footballer, and coal miner, David Ugle, the David Ugle Campground consists of 32 campsites at the northern end of the lake. There are now 53 campsites at Lake Kepwari.

The campground on the eastern side has been renamed the Mick Murray Campground to acknowledge former Member for Collie-Preston, Mick Murray, who was in office when planning for the campground began in 2017.

A new picnic area has also been unveiled along with improved pathway access, barbeque shelters, and toilet facilities.

These new facilities are part of the State Government’s $24.5 million infrastructure investment program into parks and forests in the Collie region.

Other work includes a mega mural at Wellington Dam and mountain biking, walking, and driving trails through the Collie River Valley and Ferguson Valley.

“It’s exciting to see that the transformation at Lake Kepwari is now complete. These new and improved facilities will be a major drawcard for both locals and tourists,” Environment Minister, Reece Whitby said.

“It’s great to be able to recognise David Ugle and Mick Murray on their tireless work for the Collie community and Lake Kepwari’s development.”

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Black Diamond Lake / Collie River Valley

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Feature Image: DBCA